Eton Mess

Jul 3, 2018


Written by Lara Balsam

Sure to become a summer staple, this recipe ticks all the boxes, it's quick, easy and soooooo tasty:

Welcome to the wonderful world of aquafaba aka bean juice aka chickpea water. Aquafaba is fast becoming a go-too in my kitchen. It can be whipped up in to so many tasty treats, which make use of an otherwise discarded ingredient.

To make this sumptuous summer dessert, simply swap eggs for chickpea water - keep the juice when draining canned chickpeas. Pick a recipe for aquafaba meringues that you like the look of, I think this one works a treat. Allow the meringues to cool and fold broken chunks of meringues in to vegan yoghurt / whipped coconut milk and add your favourite summer fruits et voila! Top with mint for a fancy finish and a nice refreshing flavour to cut through the sweetness.

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